Presented by
Apricity Theatre, Black Dog Productions
& Dumb Blonde Theatre

Written by Tiffany Rhodes, CJ Turner-McMullan & Russell Eccleston
Directed by Emily Malloy
Lighting Design by Esther Warren
Sound Design by Finn MacNeil

‘Situated in the Cornish countryside, The White Heart Inn is ideal for a Christian getaway. Marvel at the grade II listed building, built in 1609 for the Bishop of Exeter. Enjoy what the quaint village has to offer. But please, for your own safety, stay away from the marshlands.’

Five guests arrive at the inn, each with a different expectation. To sleep, to explore, to hunt for ghosts. Things take a turn when they hear about the violent past of the very grounds they are staying on. The eccentric owners of the inn, Bethel and Hector, seem obsessed by the marshes next door. Local pride? Or a connection to something more sinister?

Starring Tiffany Rhodes, Saili Katebe, Russell Eccleston, CJ Turner-McMullan, Stan Elliott, Alicia Pollard, and Matilda Dickinson