About Apricity Theatre

We are Apricity Theatre, a Southwest-based theatre company. We make poetic, striking theatre that explores the relationship between our identities and the world that surrounds them. We bridge the gap between old and new writing, with radical adaptations and original work that harnesses the tension between what is personal and what is public.

Established in 2013 by Hannah Mosettig and Charlotte Turner-McMullan during our time at Bath Spa University, our first production was Morbo Amoris, staged at The Museum of Bath at Work. Since then we have continued to experiment with creative and found theatre spaces and with new explorations into poetic storytelling.

We have collaborated with other local creatives, including dramaturg and writer Hattie Taylor (Open Mic, Arabian NightsWent the Day Well?), actor-musician Matilda Dickinson (Open Mic, The Power of Plumbing, There’s Nothing There), director Toby Underwood (Concoction Theatre Company) and most recently Back Dog Productions (The Breach, There’s Nothing There). We have formed connections with other organisations such as Dumb Blonde Theatre, The Barded Ladies, Bath Spa Productions, 44AD Artspace, the Theatre Bath Bus and the Rondo Theatre.

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Work In Progress


Written and Performed by Saili Katebe

In a world long since removed from the language of ritual and ceremony, one man tries his hand at building a bridge into manhood. Can he rediscover himself and become the teacher he never had, for the lessons he never learned, about growing up and facing the world?

This one-man show, written and performed by spoken word artist Saili Katebe, looks to interrogate ritual, manhood and intimacy.

Photograph by Dan Martin Artist

Open Mic

Written by Hattie Taylor
Performed by Matilda Dickinson

Lottie is a singer, stepping onto the stage to perform at her local Open Mic Night. Her audience watches helplessly as she is reduced to a shaking heap on the floor by a panic attack before she can even begin her performance. Unable to sing, she talks instead – about her anxiety, about the reasons behind it, and about how it feels to constantly be at war with your own brain.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “important” Theatre Bath
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “funny, self-critical, brutal and paradoxical”
Confessions of a Five Foot Two Actress
‘brave and searingly honest’ the egg theatre


Finding Feathers

Finding Feathers is a new devised production currently under development. This playful, poetic and full-of-possibilities show follows the story of a father and his two sons following the death of their wife and mother. As the family set about re-evaluating their lives now that there is one less of them, grief manifests itself in unexpected shapes and sizes. As grief often is, it is uncontrollable, bewildering, and often inappropriate.

This tender, and at times brutal, piece of story-telling is a highly physical exploration of grief as a physical entity, and the emotional role it plays in the process of damaging, but also repairing relationships following the death of a loved one.

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Past Productions

There’s Nothing There

In collaboration with Black Dog Productions and Dumb Blonde Theatre
Written by Emily Malloy, Charlotte Turner-McMullan & Russell Eccleston
Directed by Matilda Dickinson
Sound Design by Finn MacNeil
Lighting Design by Alex Latham

What is there to do when you’re stuck in a cabin in the middle of the woods? Read a book? Play some Scrabble? Hide from the monsters lurking outside in the dark?

When their holiday becomes a living nightmare, six friends find themselves fighting for their lives. With night closing in and paranoia tightening its grip, even familiar people begin to feel like strangers. When fear twists everything out of recognition, what do you believe? Who can you trust?

“mesmerising” Bath Scum
“gripping” Glos.info

The Breach

‘the voices of the underrepresented have rarely been more powerful’ Bath Echo

History is written by the victors. But what about the people whose blood those victories were won with? With ‘explosive’ battles (Theatre Bath) and thumping beats, The Breach is an adaptation of Henry V that explores the darker side of Shakespeare’s story through the eyes of the people used and forgotten by history.

Between the Armies

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “an 80s funfare of attitude and hip action” … “a baseball bat swinging, throat throttling roller coaster of a heated battle” 365 Bristol
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “neon-lit” Theatre Bath

A re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Henry IV Parts 1 & 2 directed by Charlotte Turner-McMullan. In an England shaped by brutality and mistrust, King Henry has risen to power on a tide of violence. Made bitter by his broken promises of glory and wealth, past supporters have become present enemies.

Apricity Theatre: Theatre Uncut

The Power of Plumbing by Sabrina Mahfouz

In a future where resources are scarce it’s the women that hold the power

Performed by Matilda Dickinson and directed by Charlotte Turner-McMullan as part of Theatre Uncut 2018, The Power of Plumbing explores themes of gender, power and, well, plumbing. This energetic exploration of a dystopian future where women wear the boiler suits was performed at 44AD Artspace, with all profits going to Time’s Up UK.

Theatre Uncut was created to get people thinking, talking and taking action on the events that are happening in the world around them. Theatre Uncut is run by artistic directors Emma Callander and Hannah Price. To find out how you can get involved please visit www.theatreuncut.com

Fall of Kings

‘explosive’ Theatre Bath

An adaptation of Shakespeare’s Richard II explores a time of violence, of change, and of turmoil, to tell the story of a man who lived and died beneath the shadow of an unattainable ideal.

Morbo Amoris

Morbo Amoris was Apricity’s debut production, written by Charlotte Turner-McMullan and directed by Hannah Mosettig in 2014.

Doctor Helen Wastelar has developed a cure for the Amoris disease. By removing her patients’ ability to love, she eliminates the mood-swings and melancholy associated with this problematic condition. Now the government have decided it is time to make this therapy compulsory for everyone. Morbo Amoris follows a group of siblings re-learning how to live and define their relationships in a world without love.

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