There’s Nothing There

‘startlingly visceral’ Bristol 24/7
‘shocking and unexpected’ Glos Writers
‘mesmerising’ Bath Scum

What is there to do when you’re stuck in a cabin in the middle of the woods? Read a book? Play some Scrabble? Hide from the monsters lurking outside in the dark?

When their holiday becomes a living nightmare, six friends find themselves fighting for their lives in the centre of the snowy Black Forest, Germany. With night closing in and paranoia tightening its grip, even familiar people begin to feel like strangers. When fear twists everything out of recognition, what do you believe? Who can you trust?

Sometimes night is darkest with the lights on

In collaboration with Black Dog Productions and Dumb Blonde Theatre
Written by Emily Malloy, CJ Turner-McMullan & Russell Eccleston
Directed by Matilda Dickinson | Fight Direction by Russell Eccleston

Sound Design by Finn MacNeil | Lighting Design by Alex Latham