My treatment journey

Hattie Taylor is the writer and director of Open Mic.

100 Days of Writing

As we start amping up towards Apricty’s new show, Open Mic., I can’t help reflecting on the journey I’ve been on with my mental health over the past 4 years or so. Part of that journey is internal, sure, and to a certain extent controlled by me and my thoughts. But part of it – the treatment part – is a lot more reliant on outside advice and input.

The path to overcoming mental illness is unique to every individual walking down it – it makes it hard to talk about without worrying that someone is going to tell you your way is wrong, or will hear your words as someone telling them that their way is wrong. But there is no wrong, just different. You do you. As long as you’re on the path you’re doing great.

My path looks a little like this:

I was initially on medication for…

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